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THIS ISSUE: We report on the great success of our Annual Summit, held in conjunction with the Rideau Trail’s 45th Anniversary and the 200th Anniversary of the host city of Perth. We announce the winners of the 2016 Volunteer of the Year awards, provide an update on upcoming Training Courses, highlight our prestigious 'Long Distance Hiker Awards', and update you on the exciting Volunteer Opportunities available with Hike Ontario.

As always, stay happy and healthy in the great outdoors, hikers. We wish you Happy Trails!


Annual Summit Report

Over 80 participants enjoyed the Hike Ontario Summit in Perth, Ontario from September 30 to October 2. We celebrated the 45th Anniversary of the Rideau Trail, the 200th Anniversary of Perth itself and the chance to interact, share information and recognize Volunteer Service through a Pub night, The Hike Ontario Annual Meeting and Summit General Presentations, Workshops, Historical Hiker, Dinner with Award Presentations and Sunday Hikes.

The main site of the Summit was the Links O’Tay, Canada’s Oldest Golf Course and we featured the town of Perth for the afternoon workshops at McMartin House and Last Duel Park and in the Historical Hike. Thanks are due to David Batchelor for his A.V. help, volunteers Rosemary Lay and Josie Roberts for registration assistance, the staff at the golf course venue and all of the attendees.

An active, hardworking committee composed of Jack Tannent, Liz Choros, Sandy Freeman, Gill Hyland, Sharen Yaworski and Paul Galipeau planned effectively to bring the days of information, interaction and celebration to all who attended. We appreciated Ron Hunt’s leadership in MCing the program that included RTA founder Doug Knapp and Ron Knight from the Trout Hollow Trail.

I was delighted by the quality of the speakers and positive comments that people made about the sessions they attended as well as the historical hike led by Susan Code. To bring that expertise and dedication from across the province is inspirational. We will shortly post some of the presentation materials on the Hike Ontario website. Our annual report is also available there.

Tom Friesen
Hike Ontario


2016 Volunteer Awards

At our recent Annual Summit's Celebratory Dinner, we honoured the 2016 Volunteers of the Year.

Karen Hill (The Avon Trail)

Marc Vallee (Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association)

Jack Tannett (Rideau Trail Association)

These awards were well appreciated and highly deserved.

Additionally, the 2016 Virginia Johnson Award was bestowed upon Raymond Soucy for his countless contributions as a volunteer for Hike Ontario.

Congratulations to all 2016 Volunteer Award recipients!


Upcoming Training Courses

Did you know you can view all of Hike Ontario’s public training courses on our online Course Calendar? Whether you’re interested in the introductory ‘Safe Hiker Program’, aspire to guide others as a ‘Certified Hike Leader’, wish to expand your skills to ‘Wilderness Hike Leader’, or learn Navigation Basics with Map/Compass & GPS – we have you covered.

To see all the future training courses that will be offered in the next 3 months, be sure to check out our website HERE.


Long Distance Hiker Awards

Hike Ontario has a mandate to encourage hiking for all ages and all athletic levels throughout this great province. The Long Distance Hiker Awards celebrate dedicated hikers who have logged long distances (550, 950 and 1500 kilometers) on Pedestrian Walking Paths and Trails across Ontario.

These high-quality, embroidered patches are a great way of showing your accomplishments and supporting Hike Ontario's mission.

To apply for an award: complete a log of your hikes and apply HERE.


Volunteer Opportunities!

Support the growth of hiking by supporting Hike Ontario. As a non-profit organization, we rely almost entirely on volunteers to meet the increasing public interest for simple, inexpensive, and healthy methods to stay fit and enjoy.

If you or anyone you know is interested in some great opportunities, just let us know. Volunteers are always welcome. We are looking for people with skills in marketing, public relations, fund raising, writing, and advocacy. Many of these roles are a great fit for post-secondary students, seasonal workers, and retirees.

You can read through our website's Volunteer section to learn about the positions that are available HERE.

If you require additional information, believe you can assist Hike Ontario in some other role, or would like to make a donation, please contact us at info@hikeontario.com.