February Felicitations!

THIS ISSUE: More information about this month's Mood Walks 2017 Summit, and unveil our new Young Hikers Project website and Workshop Seminars. We announce the upcoming film screening of 'Pacific Crest Trail', sponsored by the Lambton Shores Nature Trails. Also included is a complimentary discount off admission to the Outdoor Adventure Show. Lastly, we alert our Member Clubs to a scam targeting Trail Associations.

As always, stay happy and healthy in the great outdoors, hikers. We wish you Happy Trails!


Mood Walks II: Youth In Transition

Summit 2017 (Feb. 26)

The 2017 Mood Walks summit will be an opportunity for 40+ agencies participating in the Mood Walks for Youth in Transition project to come together and share their experiences. This event will include key learnings from the project, storytelling, and learning opportunities for mental health professionals, program leaders, volunteers, project partners and youth participants. The summit will also be an opportunity to exchange knowledge and explore other areas of mental health, nature, physical activity and youth engagement. Over 200 participants are expected from across Ontario.

For more information, please visit: http://hikeontario.com/programs/mood-walks-youth-in-transition/mood-walks-ii-summit-2017/


The Young Hikers Project was created to foster the appreciation of Ontario's hiking and walking opportunities among young Ontarians and to inspire young people to take action in the protection, preservation and growth of Ontario's footpaths.

Its goal is to facilitate this appreciation by providing activities for youth leaders, and curriculum focused lessons for educators, as well as links to resources for parents, with one goal in mind - to get youth outside and on the beautiful trails of Ontario.

Learn more at the new website: yhp.hikeontario.com


Full details at: www.lsntblazers.com


Hike Ontario is proud to once again provide you a discount to the upcoming Outdoor Adventure Show (Feb. 24-26, 2017) at Toronto's International Centre.

Use promo code HIKEONTARIO when registering: outdooradventureshow.ca/toronto/


Warning to our Member Clubs

Scams targeting Trail Associations

E-mail scams and other fraudulent activities are very prevalent these days. We would like to bring your attention to the fact that one of our member organizations was recently defrauded by scammers for a substantial amount. The fraud originated with an e-mail, purportedly from the president of the association to the treasurer, asking to make an urgent wire transfer, in this case to a US bank.

The e-mail addresses had been picked up by the scammers from the association's newsletter which is posted on their website. Unfortunately, the treasurer obliged, requested the wire transfer, the money left the association's bank account, and the bank was not able to recover the funds from the other bank.

To avoid being victimized by scammers,

• make sure to verify whether the transaction request is legitimate (i.e. was there a motion at a board or executive meeting, is it in the budget, is there any history of paying similar amounts. If not, check with someone else in the organization)

• do not react to any unusual urgent requests

• make sure that you have a 2 signature requirement on your bank accounts (so that the bank cannot complete a wire transfer if only 1 person requests it)

For more information on wire fraud scam, and other examples of scams, or to report a scam, go to Scams and Fraud - Royal Canadian Mounted Police