Summer's Almost Over!

THIS ISSUE: We invite you to join Hike Ontario for our upcoming 2017 Summit, held in partnership with the 15th Annual Hike Haliburton Festival. Read some useful tips on 'Greener Hiking' We also encourage you to participate in Conservation Ontario's 'Healthy Hikes' initiative, and remind you about the Maitland Trail Association's El Camino event.

As always, stay happy and healthy in the great outdoors, hikers. We wish you Happy Trails!


15th Annual Hike Haliburton Festival

Sept. 21-24, 2017

Hike Ontario is extremely pleased to partner with the Hike Haliburton Festival for our 2017 Summit & Annual General Meeting.

The Hike Haliburton Festival will have over 2,000 people participate in over 90 guided hikes throughout the beautiful Haliburton Highlands. Hikers of all ages and abilities will come from all over Ontario – and beyond – to take in the wonder of the Haliburton Highlands from September 21st-24th.

The Festival goes beyond just 'traditional hiking'; heavily integrating the arts, culture, heritage and foodie experiences to truly showcase the area. There are lots of great events happening throughout the Festival as well, which anyone can attend!

On Saturday, September 23 at 8:30 AM, Hike Ontario will be holding our Annual General Meeting, followed by several presentations and workshops throughout the day at the Fleming College - Haliburton School of Art + Design, including:

● Trails Open - Bill Mungall (10:00-10:45 AM)
● Successes in Landowner Relations - Bernard Goward (11:00-11:45 AM)
● Urban Poling – Frieda Baldwin (1:00-2:00 PM)
● Hike Leadership - Proactive Risk Management - Tom Friesen (2:30–3:30 PM)
● How To Build an Emergency Fire - Lewis Williams (3:30-4:30 PM)

The Closing Ceremony on Sunday 24 will take place at the Haliburton Highlands 'Biggest Picnic Ever', which takes place in Head Lake Park (Haliburton Village) and features local food vendors, craft beers, live entertainment, contests, and more!

To register for Hike Ontario's Annual General Meeting, please click HERE

To register for 'Hike Haliburton Festival' Hikes, click HERE


Toward Greener Hiking

As regular hikers, we frequently travel near and far in search of new trails. As we do, here are 10 suggestions to lessen our footprint on the environment, some familiar (i.e. items from The Trail User’s Code), some newer.  Note: not an exhaustive list, by any means!

Suggested in part by France’s Hiker’s Charter, as distributed by the federation of French hiking clubs (Federation Francaise de Randonee Pedestre.)

• Clean Boot and Shoe Lugs Regularly – in order to prevent the spread of seeds and germs from invasive species into new or environmentally significant areas

• Fully Explore Locally – check out all local hiking opportunities before planning longer drives to a trailhead.

• Use Public Transit – use bus or rail transit whenever available; join in on your club’s “bus hikes.”

• Deter Erosion – if the trail is muddy, especially on steep slopes, seek an alternative, such as an urban hike

• Leash Dogs – wildlife sees off-leash dogs as predators and will permanently vacate the environs of the trail; conversely, coyotes often prey on smaller dogs.

• Let Flora and Fauna Be – learn to appreciate them in their natural habitat rather than collect them; limit foraging to areas not traversed by a trail and not in sensitive areas

• Geocache Responsibly – avoid placing or seeking caches in sensitive areas, confine searches to immediate vicinity of trail

• Shuttle More Sustainably – join club or other group hikes; minimize number of vehicles driving to trailheads by maxing out occupancy of vehicles, seeking loop hikes, using midway “key exchanges”, and using taxi or public transit for delivering drivers back to trailhead.

• Report Site Degradation – trail managers (clubs, CA’s, municipalities, etc.) welcome reports by hikers of problems on and near the trail so that they can take prompt remedial action to sustain the quality of the trail and the natural heritage surrounding it.

• Stay on the Trail – landowners have granted permission for hiking on the actual route of the trail; excursions off trail violate this trust and may jeopardize the permission for the trail.


Healthy Hikes is an annual health and wellness initiative of Conservation Ontario and proudly sponsored by Hike Ontario.

Each year, Ontarians are encouraged to boost their health by stepping into nature at any of Ontario’s nearly 300 Conservation Areas from May to October.

This year, Healthy Hikers can boost their health by stepping into nature from May 2 - October 31!


• Visit a Conservation Area

• Snap a fun selfie or nature image

• Share it on social media using the hashtags #HealthyHikes & #StepIntoNature

Give your health a boost!

For more information or to register, please go to healthyhikes.ca


Maitland El Camino (Sept. 23-24, 2017)

In support of the Maitland Trail Association

El Camino Maitland (El Camino de Sinuoso Rio Maitland) is a 49km, 2-day hike along the entire Maitland Trail. It’s modeled after the somewhat-more-famous El Camino de Santiago de Compostella, the pilgrimage from southern France through the north of Spain to the Atlantic Ocean.

The event takes place September 23-24, 2017. Registration opens May 24th, so don't miss your chance to take part in this great experience.

For more information, please visit the Maitland Trail Association's event page here: http://www.maitlandtrail.ca/mta-el-camino-2017/