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Hike Ontario Fact Sheet

Of the following books, some may be purchased from Hike Ontario, others from the Bruce Trail Association, and of course from your favourite bookseller or outdoor store. Check these websites

Hike Ontario www.hikeontario.com
Bruce Trail Association www.brucetrail.org
Chapters-Indigo http://chapters.indigo.ca
Boston Mills Press www.bostonmillspress.com

Hike Ontario Guide to Walks Around Toronto, by Brad Cundiff, 1994, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-100-1, 176 pages, $14.95.
42 hiking locations with descriptions and maps.

Hike Ontario Guide to Walks in Carolinian Canada, by Brad Cundiff, 1998, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-270-9, 176 pages, $16.95.
Covering hiking opportunities in Southwestern Ontario.

Hiker Mike's Best Hikes: The Megacity and Beyond, by Mike Kirby, 2000, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-289-X, 168 pages, $19.95.
Radio personality Hiker Mike explores the best and some of the most unusual trails around Toronto and southern Ontario, in his own unique way.

Nature Hikes: Near-Toronto Trails and Adventures, by Janet Eagleson, 2000, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-324-1, 208 pages, $24.95.
With the support of the Conservation Foundation and beautiful photography by Rosemary G. Hasner, Eagleson takes us to 33 Ontario Conservation Areas.

Hiking Ontario's Heartland, by Shirley Teasdale, 2000 revised edition, Whitecap Books, ISBN 1-55285-088-9, $18.95.
Over forty day hikes, from 2 hours to a full day, throughout Ontario, each with a map.

Hiking in Ontario, by Tracey Arial, 2001, Ulysses Travel Guides, ISBN 2-89464-306-3, $22.95.
A spiral bound 339-apge book describing sixty-five trails in the province. The seven sections of the book each cover a particular area of Ontario.

Country Walks: Cottage Country, by Anne Craik, 2000, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-276-8, 168 pages, $19.95.
26 trails in the cottage areas of southern Ontario. Includes a history of Ontario's Cottage Country with many historical photographs.

Country Walks: The Niagara Escarpment, by Ross McLean, Anne Craik and John Sherk, 1994, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-102-8, 176 pages, $16.95.
Our three guides lead us on 18 country walks along the Escarpment.

Toronto's Ravines: Walking the Hidden Country, by Murray Seymour, 2000, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-322-5, 168 pages, $19.95.
Discover what the city offers as Toronto resident Murray Seymour talks out on 34 walks; all accessible via city transit.

The Complete Guide to Walking in Canada: Includes Day-Hiking and Backpacking, by Elliott Katz, 2001, Firefly Books, 288 pages, ISBN 1-55209-3700, $16.95.
Information on routes and trails, equipment suggestions, tips on environmental awareness.

Best of The Bruce Trail, by Katherine Jacob, published by Grand River Conservation Authority, $17.95.

Bruce Peninsula Trails, by Katherine Jacob, published by Grand River Conservation Authority, 1999, $15.95.

44 Country Trails, by Katherine Jacob, published by Grand River Conservation Authority, 1998, $15.95.

Grand River Country Trails, by Katherine Jacob,published by Grand River Conservation Authority, 1999, $14.95.

Ontario Provincial Parks Trail Guide, by Allen MacPherson, 2000, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-290-3, 168 pages, $19.95.
An overview of 302 trails found in 87 provincial parks, with an in-depth look at the author's favourites.

The Explorer's Guide to Algonquin Park, by Michael Runtz, 2000, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-321-7, 176 pages, $12.95.
New edition, with revised and updated photographs, information and maps.

Killarney, by Kevin Callan, Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-0188, 80 pages, 10 X 10 colour, $16.95.
Learn about the rich history of this park plus its many hiking and canoeing routes.

Good Food for Camp and Trail, by Dorcas S. Miller, Pruett Publishing Co., $19.00.

Trail Food, Drying and Cooking, for backpackers and paddlers, by Alan S. Kesselheim, Ragged Mountain Press, $12.50.

The One Pan Gourmet, by Don Jacobson, Ragged Mountain Press, ISBN 0-07-032123-X 157 pages, $16.00.
Advice, Recipes and Equipment for Cooking Fresh Food on the Trail, as an alternative to high-tech freeze-dried foods.

Living with Black Bears in Ontario, booklet published by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Backcountry Bear Basics, by Dave Smith, Greystone Books, ISBN 1-55054-521-3 97 pages, $9.50.
The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters, and what to do (or not to do) if you are attacked.

Safe and Sound, by Gordon Snow, Goose Lane Editions, $9.95
How Not to Get Lost in the Woods, and How to Survive If You Do. Covers what and how to pack, how to cope with minor accidents and changes in the weather, how to read a map and compass, etc.

Bush Basics, by Glen Stedham, Orca Book Publishers, ISBN 1-55143-098-3, 182 pages, $16.95.
A Common Sense Guide to Backwoods Adventure. The fundamentals of travelling safely in the wilderness are described with illustrations.


The following are available from Hike Ontario. An order form is available on our website www.hikeontario.com Avon Trail Guidebook (3rd Edition, 1998)
Bruce Trail Guidebook (21.0 Edition, 2000)
Elgin Trail Guidebook (3rd Edition, 1997)
Ganaraska Trail Guidebook (2000 Edition)
Grand Valley Trail Guidebook (5th Edition, 1999)
Humber Valley Heritage Trail : Points of Interest, Places of Power (1999)
Maitland Trail Guidebook (1st Edition, 2000)
Oak Ridges Trail Guidebook (2nd Edition, 1999)
Rideau Trail Guidebook (6th Edition, 2001)
Thames Valley Trail Guidebook (2nd Edition, rev. 2001)
Voyageur Hiking Trail Guidebook (Edition 3.1, 1998)
The Waterfront Trail Guidebook (1996 Edition)